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50pc 80 Grit 6" HOOK and LOOP Premium Gold Line SANDING DISCS Sandpaper USA inch

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Part Number:5765x50-2FPD
50pc 80 Grit 6" HOOK and LOOP Gold Line SANDING DISCS A/O Gold No Hole
The price is for 50 6 inch Hook and Loop (Velcro) Sandpaper Discs
Heavy Duty, Premium
P80 grit
GOLD LINE Aluminum Oxide Discs
Made in USA
Great for many projects, Woods, Metals, Plastics, and more.
Works with any Hook and Loop Sanding Pad.
We Sell pads too!
Hook and Loop discs are much easier and faster to apply and remove from the pad and won't tear up the pads surface like glue stick on discs do.

...BRAND NEW... Sold in bulk...

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