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40pc 2" Inch 24 Grit Flap Sanding Disc Wheels Type R Threaded Twist USA Roll

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Part Number:5710x4-2FPD-RRA-FB
 40pc 2" Inch 24 Grit Flap Sanding Disc Wheels Threaded Twist Lock
The price is for 40 Wheels Made in USA
Ideal for Surface Prep and Finishing Work
These 2" Flap Disc  Wheels are great for a wide variety of applications including Rust Removal, Deburring, Sanding, Flash Removal, and Light Grinding. Use on Auto Body Panels, Hard or Soft Woods, Ferrous or Non-Ferrous Metals, and Much More!
Grinding, Polishing, Rust Removing, and More
Double Zirconium Abrasive Powers through Tough Materials
Application: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Plastic, etc.
Flap Wheel Size: 2 inch Perfect for fine detail work

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