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3pc. AIR CONTROL UNIT Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator

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3pc. AIR CONTROL UNIT Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator.
3pc. Air Filter. Air Regulator, and Air Lubricator.
Air Filter is designed to remove and eliminate Dust, Water and other impurities. Automatic Drain Valve on the bottom, Drains when pressure is released, Could clamp a small drain hose to fitting.
Air Regulator will regulate the air pressure in 5 pound increments. There is an index on the gauge for PSI, and KG.
The Lubricator releases oil at a user controlled rate (adjustable by the needle valve) to protect and extend the life of the air tool.
Maximum 144PSI.
This kit has a built in mounting bracket.
The intakes are 1/4"NPT.
overall height is 9" and width is 6-1/2".


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