400 Watt Power INVERTER DC to AC Converter with USB 12 volt to 110 800 wt peak

400 Watt Power INVERTER DC to AC Converter with USB 12 volt to 110 800 wt peak

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400 Watt DC to AC INVERTER.
400 Watt, 104 to 125 Volt, AC output.
800 Watt Peak.
Connects direct to vehicles battery with Clamps, Or use the included Cigarette / Power Cable

SST Soft Start Technology.
Wave format Modified Sine Wave
Over load protected.
Can operate with engine turn off.
Has a low battery audible alarm, and low battery shut off. This will protect your Vehicles battery from un-knowingly becoming dead!
Also automatically shuts itself off if, Power drops below 10.5Volts, Exceeds 15.5Volts, Continuous draw exceeds 400 Watts, Surge exceeds 800 Watts, or circuit temperature exceeds 165F degrees.
Has a Cooling fan built in.
2 Three Prong AC outlets.
1 USB Outlet
On/Off Rocker Switch.
2 LED Lights Green - ON and Red - Overload/ Fault.
On the other end is the DC inputs (11. to 15Volts DC) that includes two heavy duty screw type connectors for Positive and Negative hook up. The fan is also located on this end. 

This Inverter also comes with a 26 inch color coded supply lines that are heavy duty 12 gauge wire with a battery clamp on each.
This Inverter can be used in Cars, Trucks, RV's, Boats, Etc. Anything with a 10 to 15 Volts DC supply.
Overall length is 6-1/2 inches by 4 inches. The height is 2".
2 Standard Car push fuses are included.
Includes an instruction manual.

With this Inverter you can run many AC (household) items in most cars, trucks, etc. Items like, Laptops, TV's, Drills, Lights, Heater, and much more! You can run anything from this inverter that you would plug in to your house outlets, up to a total of 400 combined watts!


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